Pic.#001 Ukraine
  ..... I propose you to take part in my contest. Rules are easy. Please send me a photo of your Matryoshka if you think it is the most beautiful or, maybe, the most extraordinary. If I agree with your opinion, your Matryoshka's photo will take place in this page.
..... Two winners of contest will be named in the end of December 2006. First of them will be choosen by interactive voting, any visitor could participate in it. Second winner will be choosen by myself. Both of winners will be awarded by gifts to Christmas. What gifts? Of course it will be two of my Matryoshkas.
..... I'm thinking about instituting of a third prize. It will be amusing and unexpected. But it will be some later. And now I'm opening the contest with photo of vintage Matryoshka from my own collection. I'm looking forward to photos of your Matryoshkas and I wish you a good luck. Let's start!
  Country File size must not be more then 150 kB  
Please, fill in blanks and choose file for sending.